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Our Community Projects

See how we’ve made a positive impact by funding fantastic local initiatives!

We envision a future where quality education and training opportunities go hand-in-hand with access to affordable, good-quality housing. By investing in improved local facilities and fostering supportive communities, we have empowered residents to actively participate in making our area a fantastic place to live and work. In the following section, we’ll showcase the projects we’ve undertaken so far to bring this vision to life.

phoenix park underpass mural finished

Phoenix Park Underpass

Turning a neglected underpass into a welcoming gateway.

We wanted to brighten the entrance to the park from both Goldthorpe and Thurnscoe, so we launched a regeneration project. After talking to the community, we decided on a mural theme that reflects the park’s past and present: mining and environment.

The project brought together a fantastic group of over 60 people to create the mural! We had community members, volunteers from the National Citizens Service and Twiggs Environmental Service, Park Ranger Paul Nunns, Tesco volunteers, and Big Local volunteers (including Big Local Thurnscoe). 

One resident heartwarmingly shared that her daughter now wants to visit the park every day to see the rabbits in the mural!

Dearne Community Housing

An award-winning project brought empty houses back to life, creating jobs and affordable housing.

This unique, community-driven initiative involved a partnership between Barnsley Community Build (BCB), the council (BMBC), Berneslai Homes, and Efficiency North. Their goal? To tackle the issue of long-term vacant properties in the area.

The project provided valuable opportunities. Young apprentices (aged 16-24) received training in construction through BCB, putting their skills to the test by renovating four houses purchased in Goldthorpe with Big Local funding. These houses were then brought back to a high standard and rented at affordable rates to local residents in need.

The benefits went beyond creating affordable housing. The project also:

  • Provided jobs and training in the building industry.
  • Improved the local environment by revitalizing neglected properties.
  • Boosted the local economy by using local companies for supplies.
dearne community housing john healey cuts ribbon

The Dearne Community Housing project’s success didn’t go unnoticed. It earned local and national recognition, attracting additional funding from BMBC, Efficiency North, and the Coalfields Regeneration Trust.

This project even made a national splash! In 2016, it was chosen as one of 50 ‘radical thinking’ initiatives making a positive impact on the UK by the New Radicals list.

the snap tin cafe

The Snap Tin Café

Anita and Jane had a vision: a community café and training kitchen in Goldthorpe that would be inclusive for everyone, including people with learning difficulties. They presented a detailed business plan to Big Local, a partnership board, and impressed them with their passion. Big Local decided to invest in the café, and since February 2017, they’ve been working together to make it a thriving hub.

The Snap Tin Cafe is always buzzing with activity. They host crafting sessions, early breakfasts for schoolchildren, ukulele groups, memory cafes, afternoon tea, and more. The Snap Tin Cafe welcomes everyone and is definitely worth checking out.

Dearne Community Arts’ Festival

Proudly supporting the arts, we were the sponsor for the inaugural Dearne Community Arts Festival in 2017. Our contribution funded essential elements like festival banners, programs, and all the publicity materials. Additionally, we sponsored the High Street vouchers awarded as competition prizes.

We continued to sponsor the festival in both 2018 and 2019.

dearne community arts festival sponsored 2017

Railway Embankment Caretaker

Thanks to funding from the Snap Tin Community Hub, a caretaker was hired for a year to transform the Goldthorpe Railway Embankment. This once neglected area has blossomed into a beautiful haven for wildlife and a green escape for the community.

Covid Relief Parcels

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Snap Tin Community Hub provided more than 250 care packages filled with essential supplies to local residents facing hardship.

dearne district fc dugout

Dearne & District FC Dugout

Dearne & District Football Club are a community amateur sporting club based in Goldthorpe. Snap Tin Community Hub recently contributed to the cost of a new dugout which will be a huge benefit to both players and coaches.

First Aiders in the Community

In August 2021 the Snap Tin Community Hub invested in the well-being of their community by sponsoring 13 members to take a certified First Aid course.

These trained first responders will now be available to lend a hand at future community events, ensuring there’s someone on-site to provide vital first aid if needed.

first aiders in the community funding

Hanging Baskets

The Snap Tin Community Hub was recently asked to sponsor hanging baskets for the community. These baskets have become a welcome addition, brightening the streets for everyone.

Angling for All

The Snap Tin Community Hub funded an independent group, Angling for All. The funding helped Angling for All clear invasive lilies from the brick ponds. This will allow them to buy equipment for youth fishing programs in the community.

ieye drone search and rescue funding

Ieye Drone Search and Rescue

Thanks to funding from the Snap Tin Community Hub, an independent organisation called Ieye Drone Search and Rescue has been able to extend their search capabilities.

With extra batteries purchased through the funding, their drones can now fly for longer durations, aiding in the search for missing people and animals. Be sure to check out their Facebook page to see how they’re helping the community and making national headlines!

Angel Voices Sponsorship

For one year, the Snap Tin Community Hub provided sponsorship to Angel Voices Performing Arts Academy. Angel Voices offers singing and acting workshops, as well as private coaching, for children of all ages.

Their programs help youngsters develop their natural talents and build confidence, ultimately preparing them to shine on stage in front of an audience.

angel voices performing arts academy sponsorship
scarecrow trail 2022 winner

Scarecrow Festival & Trails

The community Scarecrow Festival & Trail began in 2022 and has grown significantly over the past two years. Residents of all ages have embraced the challenge, turning their front yards into mini-art galleries showcasing their incredible scarecrow creations. From whimsical characters to pop-culture icons, the variety and ingenuity on display are truly awe-inspiring.

The Snap Tin Community Hub extends a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has participated in the Scarecrow Trails so far. Whether you’ve poured your heart into crafting a scarecrow, generously displayed one in your front yard, or simply enjoyed following the trail and voting for your favourites – your contribution is what makes this event so special.

Christmas Fairs

We spread Christmas cheer with two fantastic festive fairs! We offered free gifts from Santa and delightful entertainment for everyone. Hundreds of local residents joined us, and we hope you all had a magical time.

It was a joy to give back to the community with such incredible entertainment. A huge thank you to the local businesses and stall holders who participated. They provided a fantastic selection of handmade Christmas gift ideas.

We also extend a special thanks to all the volunteers who made these fairs possible.

christmas fair snap tin community hub 2022
christmas window display competition 2023 winner

Christmas Window Displays

In the spirit of spreading holiday joy, the Snap Tin Community Hub hosted a dazzling Christmas Window Decorating Competition! This festive event aimed to bring the community together to celebrate the season and unleash their creative talents.

We were thrilled to see a fantastic response from local residents! The competition drew in a multitude of entries, each one showcasing incredible imagination and holiday spirit. From whimsical winter wonderlands to heartwarming Nativity scenes, the participating windows transformed our streets into a magical Christmas wonderland.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated in the competition! Your creativity and enthusiasm truly helped us capture the magic of Christmas and spread holiday cheer throughout the community.